Perhaps you’ve noticed those dark discolorations on your windows that seem to be growing with each passing year?  They may look something like this:

Want to know what those black patches really are?


Fungi are microscopic organisms that thrive in an environment of high moisture.  How else did you think that black patch came to be so big over time?  There is a living entity growing within the frame of your window.  Features of fungi allow it to take root on solid surfaces, as long as there are nutrients to feed it.  Some species of mold can be harmful to your family.

So you may be asking, what caused this to happen in the first place?

If the windows you are considering, or currently have, were manufactured with old faulty technology, you’re in for some serious problems.  The rot and mold condition is caused by poor design.   The manufacturing design still used by other window companies allow water to remain trapped with little opportunity to escape.

How does it remain trapped?

Dirt, mold and mildew become trapped in your window frame—a breeding ground for the nasty toxic pest.  At JWS we avoid this poor design by researching our products. Windows work properly when they're designed right and installed correctly, which means your problem is solved.  This powerful combination stops mold in its tracks.

Installation, Installation, Installation is the key to a window system that can successfully last the lifetime of your home.

Mold is only one of many elements that destroy the integrity of windows and doors.  At JWS we know how to protect your window and door investment from all elements, saving you countless maintenance hours and a huge loss of energy dollars. 

We at JWS understand how to prevent mold & mildew from forming—let our proven techniques work in your home!

Some home improvement websites will recommend that you repair this problem.  They depict it as a ‘simple fix’, removing the damaged area and patching it.  If your rotting issue is based on poor design or hacked up installation, fixing it is not going to be the solution for you.  Mold and mildew will soon reappear on your windows, causing an unhealthy environment for your loved ones.

Ask yourself this question:  Do you really want to be scraping rotted wood & mold from your windows every spring?  Do you have the time to keep addressing a problem that is guaranteed to be a chronic headache?  Mold doesn’t stop at the window—it can spread inside your walls as well.  If you don’t stop the moisture problem, you don’t stop the mold from growing.

The best solution in this case is JWS Windows & Doors.

Our products are designed to last the life of your home with features like AuraLast wood, and advanced PVC that you won’t find in other product on the market.  Why?  Because other manufacturers haven’t changed their designs in decades, in spite of knowing that the mold problem exist.  JWS has researched and aligned itself with cutting edge products since 1969.

And the best part?

All Brands are EPA tested and meet or exceed government and Energy Star standards.  This is important as many companies don’t submit their products for testing.

Contact JWS Windows NOW for our lifetime warranted, rot-free mold-resistant windows, guaranteed to save time, money, and most importantly keep your family safe.  Before that first drop of moisture hits the ground:

Do it now!!! You and your family will be glad you did.