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Q:  Is Winter really the right time to replace my windows & doors?

A:  Yes.  JWS Windows & Doors works all year round.  As a matter of fact the energy-saving products we sell are less expensive in the winter.  As part of our “JWS Code of Best Installer Practices”, we're very attentive to the comfort of our customers during the installation process.  Our highly trained crews work very efficiently.  At JWS we have decades of experience installing windows and doors in the winter.  So you can be rest assured your installation will be done quickly & precisely, with your family’s comfort as our “TOP” priority…and you'll save money!

Q: Windows & doors cost a lot, right?  I’m not sure we can afford them right now.

We at JWS think the question should be:

Q: With all the energy dollars leaking out of our current windows can we afford not to replace our old windows right now?

A: Why wait?  Windows & Doors:

  • Cost hundreds even thousands less in the winter
  • Install quickly in your home
  • Save lots of money on your energy bills every month
  • JWS window & door products are built to last, so the savings go on and on for the life of your home--guaranteed
  • Qualify for incentives & rebates with our better insulating glass from the utility companies.

All just for replacing those energy draining, uncomfortable, drafty, cold, worn-out, ugly windows and doors!

On top of all the other savings to qualifying customers, we also offer 180 days same as cash on your purchase.  Contact our office for more details!

Your one-time ‘much less costly’ investment this winter will give you and your family the gift of comfort, security & joy.

Seal failure, rot, leaking and drafty windows drastically affect your energy costs.  STOP this wasteful spending NOW by choosing to have the highest rated, energy-efficient windows on the market installed quickly and skillfully by the JWS craftsmen.

Q: There are so many options out there nowadays.  I just don’t know what I’m looking for.

A: JWS window professionals have over 44 years experience finding the right products for your home.  We are not high-pressure and we won’t push you into products that aren't right for your architecture.  That’s why we carry several full feature, highly coordinated, national brands in our product line.  That means we can match style, colors, design, and small details other companies probably miss.  Our experts will discuss your project, listen attentively to your preferences, concerns, consider your home style, and work with you to find the best solution that fits your needs and budget.  Our roots are in highly skilled installation--not highly skilled hustling.

Q; Aren’t all windows the same?

A:  Absolutely not!  In fact, a caution to buyers – be wary of some of the buy one, get one free promos out there.  No doubt, consumers don’t want to replace their old crummy windows with new crummy windows, even if there was such thing as half off.  You get what you pay for.  One of our mottos at JWS is “Dare To Compare.” The bottom line says a lot.  All we ask is that you look at the total job cost and consider the value.  You don’t want to have to put plastic over your windows to keep the air out after you’ve had them replaced.  With our products you won’t have to …

They just work.

From the insulated frame systems to the highest rated glass pane options.  We can keep your home cozy all year round.  At JWS we carry the right windows and doors to protect, insulate and beautify your home.  Our product line is comprised of top quality--and better yet--proper installation.   Face it—the best product in the world, when installed wrong, is no better than the one you want to replace.   Our products have sleek style that is sure to enhance the value and beauty of your home.  Our array of color choices is second to none and we offer unique features that will add distinction and elegance to your home’s architecture.

Buying from JWS is the safest bet in town.

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