Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

If you’re looking for replacement windows, you’ll inevitably be faced with the decision to choose what kind of window would best fit the architecture of your home.  The truth is, even if your home is an early century design, our products are designed to fit any home’s architecture, and that includes our wood (??) finish line of vinyl windows.  In other words, the decision is based on a few factors that set vinyl windows apart from wood.


While our wood windows are crafted with the finest woods and coated in Auralast to ensure longevity and durability, our vinyl line is equally well-designed with materials made to endure Michigan’s extreme climates.  Our SecureSeal technology is rated Best In Class by Energy Star.  In addition, the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can be made to any color, including a variety of wood grains, to match your home’s style and character. So you can get the wood look for less than the cost of wood windows.


Vinyl is the least expensive of all window types, but that doesn’t mean they’re low quality.  On the contrary, we offer a few different vinyl window lines to meet any budget.  With the highest rated energy performance, state of the art technology and fully insulated mainframe and sashes, our windows pack a lot of punch for the price.


The beauty of vinyl windows is that they’re virtually maintenance-free.  Vinyl never has to be painted, scraped or stained.  It can be cleaned with soap and water and will endure for years of brutal winters and hot summers.

Endless Options

Many homeowners tend to think that choosing vinyl means getting stuck with white windows.  Though vinyl can’t be painted like wood, it can be customized to any color you choose!  That means you’re free to express your unique flair with a variety of glass styles and an array of colors.

In summary, whether you choose vinyl or wood, our products guarantee durability and energy efficiency for years to come!