Do your current windows have that streaky frosted appearance that, no matter how much you scrub at them, will not go away? Like this:

Bywalek Seal Failure
Bywalek Seal Failure

It’s called a seal failure and it occurs when the sealant between two panes of glass breaks down and allows moisture to seep into the airspace.

You might be wondering how this happened…

The external environment, low quality sealants, and poor window design, over time puts pressure on the panes of glass that can eventually cause the seal to break.  However, all window manufacturers are required to design systems that allow water to exit the window. 

So assuming the window passed initial inspection, how did it result in seal failure?

Over time, sealants are subjected to repeated extreme conditions that cause it to break down, clogging up the drainage system in poorly designed windows.  Trapped water, heat, cold and air pressure are a few of the culprits.  A properly designed window will not clog, and will function correctly for the lifetime of your windows.

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