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At JWS, we offer a sea of options, from glass types, grids, frames, trims, to screens.  We've listed just a few on this website.  To understand your full list of options, stop by our showroom or allow us to come to you and provide you with a free estimate.

Popular Options:


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Glass Options

Energy Performance

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Our manufacturers perform continuous research to develop more energy efficient glass. The latest technologies include metal coatings, dual and triple pane glass, various insulation systems, and high density gas-filled spaces. These technologies work to eliminate your problems with: air leakage, heat-loss on a cold winter night or heat-gain on a hot summer afternoon, excessive condensation*, and fabric damage from the sun's rays.

*Energy efficient windows can mitigate condensation effects, but will not always eliminate the problem. For instance, cooking all day will greatly increase the water vapor content in the room, and is likely to form condensation on all glass types. The NFRC label has a useful parameter called "Condensation Resistance Factor" or CRF which is a relative measurement of a glass system's condensation performance. Condensation resistance is a great tool for comparing glass types.  All of our windows with high energy glass have excellent CRF ratings that greatly reduce and in many cases eliminate condensation.



Just when you thought window technologies couldn't get any better, they invented between-the-panes blinds! Now, you can elect to have blinds, available in several colors to be sealed between two panes of glass.  This glass option gives a simple, clean look to your window system and allows for easy cleaning. Since the blinds are sealed between the glass panes, they remain in mint condition!

Designer Glass

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Add a touch of elegance to your home with our endless designer glass options. If you are looking to match the existing style of your home's windows, we can work with you to find the perfect fit. Options include various caming styles, glass colors, and designs.


v groove optionsOur beveled glass/v-groove glass adds an interesting effect to your outdoor view. We have various v-groove configurations and styles for you to choose from or you can customize some of the styles to create a unique look.



Bring out your home's character with window and door-wall grid systems. Choose from various grid configurations, styles and colors to achieve a nice, clean look that is right for your home. You can choose from divided-lite grids, removable grids, or the ever popular between-the-panes grids. If you're looking to replace a few windows and would like to match an existing grid style, we can accommodate that, too.

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SunClean™ is a permanent layer adhered to the outer part of the glass. The layer is activated by the sun's rays and breaks down dirt that attaches. This loosens the dirt so that when it rains, your windows are left clean! SunClean™ is a great solution for all homeowners, and may be particularly advantageous for those that live near dirt roads or if your windows are not accessible.

Screen Options



Do you have a pet? Does your neighbor have a pet? Perhaps you have a family member who likes to bring their furry friend to your place during gatherings.  If so, you'll get a good bang for your buck with the new PetScreen®. Seven times stronger than regular insect screens, this screen is designed to keep you worry free as it holds up to jumping and scratching from your lovable pet.


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With the latest technology in insect screen design, OptiView™ provides high strength performance without compromising the view. Smaller fibers enable you to see more of the world, and less of your screen. The fibers are made with high strength material and are woven tightly together to create smaller openings. This may come as bad news to bugs - but they'll just have to learn to use the doorbell from now on.