If your current method of cleaning your windows is climbing on a ladder with a spray bottle in one hand, a rag in the other, then please take a moment to read this article.

Why subject yourself to this dangerous task when you could be washing your windows with ease right inside your home!  That’s right, even outer windows can be cleaned with an easy click and pull.

Watch as the owner of JWS Windows & Doors demonstrates the ease in cleaning windows with our super easy lift-out or tilt-in sashes:

In addition, we have options like SolarClean glass that makes cleaning windows a thing of the past!

Put those ladders away and save yourself time and energy by purchasing our easy-to-clean window products!

Contact JWS Windows NOW for our lifetime warranted, easy-to-clean, ultra low maintenance-free windows, guaranteed to save time, money, and most importantly keep your family safe.  Before you pull that wobbly ladder out one more time:

Do it now!!! You and your family will be glad you did.