Energy Performance


Our manufacturers perform continuous research to develop more energy efficient glass. The latest technologies include metal coatings, dual and triple pane glass, various insulation systems, and high density gas-filled spaces. These technologies work to eliminate your problems with: air leakage, heat-loss on a cold winter night or heat-gain on a hot summer afternoon, excessive condensation*, and fabric damage from the sun’s rays.

*Energy efficient windows can mitigate condensation effects, but will not always eliminate the problem. For instance, cooking all day will greatly increase the water vapor content in the room, and is likely to form condensation on all glass types. The NFRC label has a useful parameter called “Condensation Resistance Factor” or CRF which is a relative measurement of a glass system’s condensation performance. Condensation resistance is a great tool for comparing glass types.  All of our windows with high energy glass have excellent CRF ratings that greatly reduce and in many cases eliminate condensation.