There are several factors that contribute to drafts:

  • Bad window design
  • Leaky seals
  • Conduction currents caused by poor grades of insulated glass
  • Improper installation

These problems can occur, even on new windows, and are further explained below:

Bad window design:  Many older windows, and even some of the big-name, newer window systems are designed with inadequate weather stripping and ineffective mechanisms. 

Leaky Seals:  Many manufacturers put one seal on their windows, or expect a pressure fit designed track-liner that has no seal at all to do the job. These window designs don't work, and they cost consumers time and money.  It’s for this reason, the government (Energy Star) finally set standards to inform consumers of this problem.  At JWS, our windows have ratings that are the highest in the industry, and Energy Star has recognized them as Best In Class for three years running.

Many consumers try temporary quick fixes, like sealing leaks with caulking, taping plastic over their windows, stuffing plastic into the window tracks, puttying, patching with wood, and many other methods.  The bottom line is--these types of fixes don't work.  Think of how many hours and dollars you have spent, trying to correct something that should have been done right to begin with.

At JWS, our products are crafted with precision and come with the highest rating by the NFRC , EnergyStar, ASTM, ANSI, and many private and public organizations. 

Conduction currents caused by poor grades of insulated glass: As cold or hot air hits the outer pane of the window, poor grades of insulated glass allow radiant temperature through to the air space and coatings that cool or heat the inner glass.  This causes a reaction called convection currents, which begins a negative process that is a circulation of air in the sealed space of the insulating glass dual pane unit.  In other words, drafts, even on a picture window that will not open.  Hard to believe…it gets worse.  The circulation causes the inner glass pane to become excessively cold in winter and hot in the summer, resulting in a number of problems that you, the homeowner, are forced to deal with. Such as: condensation, drafts, heat discomfort, cold discomfort, seal failure, window integrity breakdown, rot and mold.

Higher energy bills are a result.  Your furnace or air conditioner will run excessively, making the cost to you outrageous!

Windows constructed with proper LowE / Argon coatings stop this air movement between the panes.  This keeps the inner glass temperature inside and the outer glass temperature outside.  By keeping these different temperatures from coming together, these conduction currents will not happen, thus maintaining a comfortable environment inside for you and your family.

Improper Installation:  Many companies have installers that are under-experienced and do not install windows properly.  At JWS, our background is installation, not high pressure sales.  We install windows properly, so that they perform the way they're supposed to.  Our window and door installation experience is second to none, since 1969. 

To learn more about our energy efficient replacement windows, give us a call or email one of our friendly staff.