Stay Cool!

Doesn't it feel like summer lately? Regardless, you might be hesitant to turn on the air conditioning right now because, in spite of the nice weather, let's face it...this is Michigan.  We could be in the thick of snow next week!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep your home nice and cool during these erratic spells of weather without having to flip on the air?

You can.  By choosing energy efficient windows from JWS Technologies, your home will stay cool without the need to turn on the air conditioning, and still lock in warmth when old man winter strikes again.  The secret lies in LowE and argon gas that prevent heat from penetrating and warming your house as the temperature outside rises.  Our glass products contain 8-12 layers of LowE and are filled a minimum of 96% of argon (government requirements are that windows must be 75% filled).  Conversely, when a snow storm is in the forecast and it's time to kick on the furnace, your home will stay nice and toasty as heat remains locked inside.

Curious to know more about LowE and argon gas?

Contact our office and let our friendly sales staff answer all of your questions.  Call 1-888-JWS-ASAP (597-2727).  Now is the perfect time to buy.  By choosing energy efficient windows, you will qualify for great rebates from Consumers Energy of $30 per replacement window and $80 for glass openings!

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