Customer Spotlight - Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan

The greatest compliment a company can receive is a referral.  Consumers aren’t quick to recommend a product to loved ones, unless it has met or exceeded their expectations.  It’s all a matter of reputation.  We know this.  And we were incredibly flattered when Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan contacted our office as a referral from Dr. Paul and Dorothy Sullivan, long time customers of ours who purchased windows back in 2001 and again in 2005.  Not only were they satisfied with the work to come back for more, but Dr. Sullivan was happy to send his brother to us as well! 

We are humbled by this gesture and welcome Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan to the JWS family.

In the Words of Our Customers...

We recently received a very kind letter from our wonderful customers, Margaret and Joel Shere.  Please allow me to take a moment and share their experience with JWS:

We used the services of JWS Windows and Doors in 2004 to replace some of  the original windows of the house built in 1963. We were so happy with the result that we returned again in December of 2011 to replace the remaining windows.. The windows are beautiful and have transformed the look of our home. They are also a very high quality product. They are easy to operate and clean, highly energy efficient, and come with a lifetime warranty that is transferable to a new owner.

We also very much have enjoyed working with John Whalen, the owner of JWS Windows and Doors who helped us to decide on the design and type of windows we wanted to install. He is highly professional, skilled, reliable  and trustworthy . He has provided creative design and construction solutions to fit our particular preferences.

The window installers also provided excellent workmanship, efficiency, and neatness. There was never any residue of work materials left behind for the customer to clean up.

There was never any pressure to make a decision or to "buy now."  There was only skilled and patient guidance which  gave us great confidence in this company.

We were extremely satisfied with JWS Windows, and highly recommend it.

Margaret  and Joel Shere

We take great pride in our work and enjoy hearing about our customers' experiences.  Please take a moment to tell us yours!  You can fill out the Customer Service Survey or feel free to send us a letter!  We love receiving pictures too!

Customer Spotlight - Mr. & Mrs. Shere


It is said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  In this era of technology and convenience, consumers don’t have to settle for poor quality and lack of service.  If a company isn’t meeting the customer’s expectations, there are plenty of options out there.  We at JWS Technologies don’t take this fact lightly.  It is our goal to make your first impression of our company the best it can possibly be.  We strive for top notch customer service.  So when our customers return to us, it is a testament to our success.   

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Shere.  In 2004 they purchased Sunrise double-hung windows.  Just recently, we visited their home after having been contacted for more work.  They expressed how much they love their windows, and that they would happily recommend our products and service to family and friends. 

We appreciate when our customers come back to us.  It demonstrates that we’ve made a good impression.  And that’s what we aim for.

Customer Spotlight - Noah Levi, D.D.S.

Patients of Dr. Levi have come to expect skilled dentistry when they visit his office in Southfield.  He dedicates his time to selecting the best products and staff in order to ensure the comfort of his patients.  And these expectations go beyond the office.  With the hustle and bustle of his busy practice, Dr. Levi has little time for repairs and complications outside of work.  So when he needed new windows for his home, he chose JWS Windows.  Comfort.  Security.  Craftsmanship.  A prescription for peace of mind.

He recently expressed his satisfaction with our quality workmanship.  JWS installed his windows 10 years ago, and he continues to sing our praises.  But don’t take our word for it.  Listen to what the good doc has to say:

Customer Spotlight - Marvin Dery

When making a large investment in your home like windows, there's a certain expectation you have that the cost associated with repairs or replacement is not immediately on the horizon.  You want your windows to have some durability for a few years, at least.  Sadly, many buyers know the frustrations that come with purchasing new windows and ultimately paying out of pocket for expensive repairs.  That's just bad business!

Getting the most out of a window investment depends on two important components:  high-quality products and expert installation.  To clarify, high quality does not have to mean top dollar.  It means finding a product constructed with materials worth it's price.  And expert installation only comes with experience.  So choosing the right company is vital.  With over 40 years in the business, JWS Technologies provides assurance that your installation is done right.

But don't take our word for it....

Meet Marvin Dery.  Recently, this customer came into our showroom, needing minor repairs to his window.  He shared his story with our staff.  Twenty years ago, JWS installed Great Lakes windows in this gentleman's home.  This is the first repair he's had to make to the windows since then.  His recommendation is a testament to our productline and craftsmanship.  Take a moment to listen to what he has to say about it.

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